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  • ●Server Manager

      SkypeID  :Yabuki_i
      MAIL    :yabuki_iz@yahoo.co.jp
     Feel free to contact me through skype or email.


     Read the[Ban criteria/Server rules]page first.
     Other pages are optional but it’s a good idea to check out
     [Commands/Plugin info] and [World info].
     To avoid the server being filled up with Steves, change your skin at minecraft.net
     Note: Unsupported client mods may lead to login failures.

    ●Basic Commands - type into chat without []

     [/kit start] Gives two of every stone tool
     cooldown: 60 minutes cost: 10$

     [/money] Shows amount of money in possession / Initial value 500$
     [/spawn] Teleports to spawn point of respective world

     [/sethome] Sets a respawn point at current location / cost: 50$
     [/home] teleports to above respawn point / cost: 30$
     Bad placements of [/sethome] can lead to being stuck in the ground when using [/home]

    ●When Starting

     You can start by building a house by gathering the necessary resources in the Resource World.
     (Warp point to Resource World located in the Entrance area)
     [/sethome] and [/home] commands are disabled in the Resource World.
     Right-click signs onto chests and furnaces to lock them.
     Additionally, wooden axes are disabled.

    ●About Building

     You can build anywhere if there is space,
     but there may be certain rules associated with certain districts.
     Incomplete or obscuring structures near the spawn point
     may be taken down if the user who built it hasn’t logged in for over a month.
     Give a shout out to near by players when building large scale structures.

    ●Shops and signs near the spawn point

     Keep additional signs and shops near the spawn point to a minimum.
     (a request to move shops may be made).
     This is due to fps drops for certain users.