• Japanese / English
  • ●Ban Criteria

    ※Terms BAN is updated in a timely manner※

     ・High Priority [Instant Ban]
      -Breaking other people’s structures (including farms)
      -Janitor deems inappropriate.
      -Use of Cheat Mods/ Transparent Mods,
       Transparent texture packs (do not login with these installed)
      -Abusing area protection
      -PVP without consent

     ・Medium Priority [Bans will be given out if continued]
      -Using commands not listed on the command list (give, gamemode)
      -Stealing from non-public chests
      -Refrain from logging-in from multiple accounts
      -Abusing game bugs
      -Use of macros (Kick or Autokick)
      -Verbal abuse or inappropriate language within in-game chat or forums

     ・Low Priority [No Bans, but shouldn’t be done]
      -Inappropriate skins
      -Constructing large scale trap towers or mob spawn traps
      -Only mob spawner traps are allowed in the Home World,
       Spawn traps are prohibited in the world of home
       All traps are prohibited flat world, water world

     ・If you think you have been wrongfully banned, please contact the Admin.

    ●Server Rules

      -Clearly indicate with signs or fences, areas of land you are planning to use

     ・Lava and TNT
      -Lava and TNT are only useable after applying to me for permission.
       To qualify, you must have played one week on the server whilst abiding the rules.

     ・Red Stone Circuits
      -No circuits which cannot be stopped
       Always running, circuit huge, high-speed circuit is prohibited.

     ・Item protection upon death
      -Holding a chest upon death automatically stores all items into that chest.
       As such, items that are lost due to not having a chest
       (whether it be taken by other players or disappearing naturally)
       can not be recovered. Users who take such items will not be held liable for theft.

     ・Area protection
      -Area protection is to be used on your house, statues, and other structures.
       Protection on roads will cause trouble to other players.
       As such, do not overuse the area protection feature.
       Protections may be deleted if deemed unnecessary by the Admin.

     ・Structures near spawn point (200 block radius)
      -Lots of signs may lower fps for certain users.
       Keep the amount of signs, chests, lava flows,
       fire and mobs around the spawn point, to a minimum.

     ・Non-hostile mobs, and villagers
      pigs, cows, sheep, villagers: total cap = 22
      wolves, ocelots: total cap = 4
      snow golem, iron golem: total cap = 4
      ※Administrator enters the removal in some cases.

      -Spawn limitations address the trapping of mobs in a space of 17x17x9

     ・Approved Mods
      Rei's Minimap,SpawnChecker,WorldEditCUI,
      Anything that doesn’t directly interact with the game’s system

     ・Disabled access from Korea, as of March 19th
      ※If there is a contact, please send an email in English or japanese.